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Wire Sculpture

All my sculptures were created using 18 gauge aluminum wire. Some brass was also used for accent. The aluminum wire is soft and cannot be worked with very much. Bend it more than about three times and it breaks. I had to have a mental vision of each sculpture before I created them to avoid overworking the wire. The sculptures are somewhat fragile and are kept in a display case.

Please remember that copyright laws apply to all material.

- My first wire sculpture based on a mental vision -

- Creation -

- Seven Chinese Musicians -

- Release of the Spirit -

- Three Dogs -

- Dragon -
The Symbol of Humanity

- Man with Hat and Cane -

- Don Quixote -

- Robot with Flower -
Symbolizing humankind's futile attempt at artificial intelligence.

- Ship -
Symbolizing freedom.

- The Thinker -
Base on Auguta Rodin's "The Thinker" and Andreas Vesalius' "Man Ponders Himself".

- Lapis Philosophorum / Prima Materia -
Philosopher Stone / First Matter

- Creator -

- Biplane -
Expression of Freedom

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