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The Creative Review is a publication produced and published by Donald (Don) B. Cheke. It presents articles based on the thoughts and ideas of the author in a variety of fields including Art, CAD, Photography, Psychology, Spirituality and more.

The Creative Review is geared toward the uplifting and enlightening things in life.

- Autumn Greetings
- Marketable Skills
- Artist in View - Stephane Halleax
- On Aging
PDF November 2008 2.08MB

- Highlights
- A Plethora of Paper - Peter Callesen
- Never Shall I Forget
- The 48th
PDF May 2008 1.87MB

- Released From the Grip of Winter
- Digital Dreams - GES
- God Deceased
- Textual Creations / Avanquest UK
PDF October 2007 2.5MB

- A New Year - A Fresh Perspective
- The Prolific Sculptor - Christian Thomas
- The Spirit Within
- Suicide, Is It Really Painless?
- Great Canadian Sci-Fi
- The Fat Canuck - Update
PDF February 2007 1.6MB

- Androids, Robots and Artificial Intelligence
- An Artist Extraordinaire - Mark Ho
- Plight of a Robot
- Surviving the Horrors of Trauma
- A Puzzling Pastime
PDF December 2006 2.1MB

- Newsletter - The Non-Blog
- Maureen Chlorine
- To You I Look
- The Fat Canuck
- A Marriage Made in Heaven
PDF October 2006 2MB

June 2008
TurboCAD Goes Green
October 2007
TurboCAD: A Trusted Business Partner

June 2006
TurboCAD - A Story of Success
June 2005
TurboCAD - The Journey Continues

July 2004
TurboCAD: A Gateway to Opportunity
February 2004
TurboCAD: Enhancing Creative Expression

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