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Textual Creations is very pleased to announce the release of TurboCAD Deluxe V21 – Caboose.

 Caboose Tutorial v21 Cover Image_500

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TurboCAD Deluxe V21 – Caboose is a 325 page fully illustrated tutorial that leads the reader through every keystroke to produce the caboose that is pictured on the cover of the tutorial.

TurboCAD Deluxe V21 – Caboose is available on the Textual Creations Shopping Page. Sample pages are available there.

From the Introduction:

There is something romantic about the Caboose. It conjures up all kinds of feeling about the past, about solitude and life on the rails. Many folks have a fascination with railroading and the author is no exception, so a tutorial to create such a thing seemed the perfect way to introduce new users to TurboCAD.

An HO scale wide vision Caboose, purchased from the local hobby store, will be used as the basis of the tutorial. The reader is not required to purchase one, as the author will measure and provide the required dimensions.

Within this comprehensive tutorial the reader will be led through each keystroke to produce all components of the caboose and track that is illustrated on the cover of the tutorial. The reader will learn how to create each object by manipulating 2D profiles and 3D primitive shapes. The reader will learn how to set up their drawing, how to insert standard lighting and how utilize render scene luminance. The reader will learn how to establish a render scene environment and the reader will learn how to render their drawing and save it in a high resolution image format.