I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for your part in making 2014 such a great year and I’d like to wish you all the best in 2015. I hope that your new year is filled with good times, good health and a much prosperity.

Best wishes, Don

Happy New Year 2015

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As Christmas draws near once again, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas. I hope that you find at this time much peace and contentment to help fuel your soul.

Best wishes,

Textual Creations Christmas Card 2014
As has become a tradition, the Christmas render (Santa’s sleigh) was created and rendered in TurboCAD.

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Textual Creations is very pleased to announce the release of TurboCAD Pro V21.2 – Gear Pump.

Gear Pump Tutorial V21 Cover Image

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TurboCAD Pro V21.2 – Gear Pump is a 303 page fully illustrated tutorial that leads the reader through every keystroke to produce the gear pump that is pictured on the cover of the tutorial.

TurboCAD Pro V21.2 – Gear Pump is available on the Textual Creations Shopping Page. Sample pages are available there.

From the Introduction:

The Gear Pump is definitely a sweet piece of gear for those with a bent toward the mechanical. It also makes an ideal candidate for a TurboCAD tutorial – not too complex, but complex enough to give the reader a good overview of the many functions that make TurboCAD a viable option for those investing in a CAD system. The Gear Pump tutorial was originally written for TurboCAD Pro V12. Much has changed since then and the tutorial has been fully revised and enhanced to reflect the many positive changes and developments that have come along since then.

Within the tutorial the reader will be led through each keystroke to produce every component of the gear pump that is illustrated on the cover of the tutorial (with the exception of some downloaded standardized parts that get inserted). The reader will learn how to create the gear pump components using 2D profiles and 3D shapes. The reader will learn how to insert standard lighting, will learn how to utilize render scene luminance and establish a render scene environment. Additionally, the reader will learn how to render their drawing and save it in a high resolution image format. Finally, the reader will learn how to create an exploded assembly and integrate the two assemblies into paper space with balloon markers and a table.