Liquid Cylinder Tutorial Part 1 Main Cylinder DBC

Liquid Cylinder Tutorial Part 2 Junction DBC

Liquid Cylinder Tutorial Part 3 Reservoir 1 DBC

Liquid Cylinder Tutorial Part 4 Reservoir 2 DBC

Liquid Cylinder Tutorial Part 5 Fittings and Fasteners DBC

Liquid Cylinder Tutorial Part 6 Blocks and Tubes DBC

Liquid Cylinder Tutorial Part 7 Tweaks and Named View DBC

Liquid Cylinder Tutorial Part 8 Materials Application DBC

Liquid Cylinder Tutorial Part 9 Luminance and Render Scene DBC


Video series illustrating the construction of 3D toolmaker’s vise and drawings.

Toolmakers Vise SW Part 1 Base

Toolmakers Vise SW Part 2 Moving Jaw

Toolmakers Vise SW Part 3 Screw

Toolmakers Vise SW Part 4 Bottom Support, Handle, Mates

Toolmakers Vise SW Part 5 Named View and Render

Toolmakers Vise SW Part 6 Exploded View, Sheet 1 and 2

Toolmakers Vise SW Part 7 Sheet 3 and 4

Toolmakers Vise SW Part 8 Sheet 5 and 6

Toolmakers Vise SW Part 9 Sheet 7, 8 and 9

Toolmaker’s Vise – 12 part video series demonstrating TurboCAD 2016 Pro with LightWorks Materials and Rendering


Toolmakers Vise Part 1 Base DBC

Toolmakers Vise Part 2 Moving Jaw and Bottom Support DBC

Toolmakers Vise Part 3 Screw and Handle DBC

Toolmakers Vise Part 4 Threads and Screws DBC

Toolmakers Vise Part 5 Named View and Ground Plane DBC

Toolmakers Vise Part 6 Luminance and Render Scene DBC

Toolmakers Vise Part 7 Exploded View and Paper1 DBC

Toolmakers Vise Part 8 Paper2 DBC

Toolmakers Vise Part 9 Paper2 Continued DBC

Toolmakers Vise Part 10 Paper4 and Paper5 DBC

Toolmakers Vise Part 11 Paper6 DBC

Toolmakers Vise Part 12 Paper7, 8 and 9

I have uploaded a new video series presenting the creation of this model dynamo in TurboCAD Pro Platinum 2016. It is based on a video machining series by famed Lyle Peterson (aka mrpete222, aka Tubalcane). Lots of interesting stuff to see on his videos if you are an armchair machinist like me.


Model Dynamo Part 1 Base DBC

Model Dynamo Part 2 Stator DBC

Model Dynamo Part 3 Rotor DBC

Model Dynamo Part 4 Windings DBC

Model Dynamo Part 5 Commutator Assy DBC

Model Dynamo Part 6 Bearings DBC

Model Dynamo Part 7 Spacers and Lift Ring DBC

Model Dynamo Part 8 Brushes DBC

Model Dynamo Part 9 Pulley DBC

Model Dynamo Part 10 Lamp DBC

Model Dynamo Part 11 Holes and Fasteners DBC

Model Dynamo Part 12 Lamp Wiring DBC

Model Dynamo Part 13 Chamfer and Fillet DBC

Model Dynamo Part 14 Named Views DBC

Model Dynamo Part 15 Materials DBC

Model Dynamo Part 16 Luminance and Environment

Model Dynamo Part 17 Exploded View DBC

Model Dynamo Part 18 Paper Space