Textual Creations is very pleased to announce the release of TurboCAD Pro V21 – Workplanes.

Workplanes Tutorial Cover v21_500

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TurboCAD Pro V21 – Workplanes is a 102 page fully illustrated tutorial that leads the reader through every TurboCAD workplane tool.

TurboCAD Pro V21 – Workplanes is available on the Textual Creations Shopping Page. Sample pages are available there.

From the Introduction:

One of the fundamental concepts in TurboCAD, when it comes to drawing in 3D, is the use and understanding of workplanes. Most new users are initially overwhelmed by this concept, but once the user puzzles out what workplanes are all about they quickly realize that they weren’t that complex after all.

Each workplane tool, complete with a user-friendly explanation and example, will be illustrated within this tutorial and this will be done by having the reader work through various examples keystroke by keystroke. By the time the reader reaches the end of this tutorial any confusion about workplanes should have lessened significantly.

I hope that you enjoy the tutorial.

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As the end of 2013 draws near I want to take this opportunity to wish you a Happy New Year.

2014 Happy New Year Letter Set

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The new year is fast approaching and I can’t help but feel grateful for all the people that have helped to make my business a success. Without your support Textual Creations would not be what it is today so I’d like to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

IIt is my hope that we will all find 2014 to be a year to remember, terrific in every sense of the word.


Please note that the Textual Creations Shopping Page will be closed from January 2, 2014 to January 18 as I will be away on a winter getaway rekindling my creative spark. :-)

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you a very Merry Christmas (or, if you don’t celebrate Christmas, a very Happy Holiday Season).

Snowman Christmas Card DBC

As has become tradition, I have created the attached Christmas card in TurboCAD. The snowman and all his garb is 3D, as is the snow bank. The background behind the snow bank is a Render Scene Environment (background image). I did add the text and signature in Photoshop, but as you know that could have been added in TurboCAD as well.

Thanks for all your support!

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