Happy New Year! I hope that this new year is off to a good start for you and will bring you much joy, peace, and prosperity throughout.

I have just uploaded the latest installment of Don Cheke’s Design Talk – Playing Cards Case. This is a new design that I have come up with, taking two common items and combining them to become something new and, hopefully, wonderful.

I hope you find the Design Talk to your liking.

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I hope you are up for a new series….

Welcome to Design Talk – Notchbox. This is the first instalment of a new series where I will present product designs that I have created from scratch, or ones based on products I have seen in the world at large and find interesting or inspirational.

My last TurboCAD Tip could have been touted as my first design talk, but I had steered it more toward TurboCAD to show how TurboCAD could participate in the design arena. In reality, it turned out to be more about my experience with product design and my manufacturing experience rather than about TurboCAD. Since I like making this type of presentation I have decided that moving forward, my non-tutorial output will be geared toward design with no real regard for what CAD software is used.

Link to free to watch Design Talk – Notchbox:

I hope you find the Design Talk to your liking.