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Another design that made its way to a tutorial is the attached bench vise. Aside from modeling and rendering I thought it would make a good candidate for a poster illustration, so that too became part of the tutorial. I hope that you enjoy the render and poster, and I hope that you enjoy the tutorial if you decide to pick it up and give it a whirl.

Within the tutorial the viewer will be led through each keystroke to produce all the bench vise components illustrated on the tutorial cover, with the exception of a couple of small fasteners. The viewer will also learn how to create a poster sized illustration using gradient fill and numerous drafting palette objects. Aside from the model and poster creation, the viewer will learn how to apply materials, establish standard and luminance lighting and create a render scene environment. The reader will also learn how to render their model and save it in a high-resolution image format and print their poster to PDF. Additionally, the viewer will be shown some PhotoShop methods to enhance their TurboCAD produced poster.