All posts for the day August 4th, 2019

This is a centrifugal pump I designed with the purpose of creating a new TurboCAD tutorial. I was pleased with the design and how well TurboCAD performed making the complex parts, including the main casing, the impeller and the bearing housing. Lots of interesting functions and processes to see within the tutorial. I hope you enjoy the renders and the tutorial should you wish to acquire it.

Within the tutorial the user will be lead through each keystroke to produce all the centrifugal pump components illustrated on the tutorial cover, with the exception of a few downloaded standardized parts. The user will utilize many of the common TurboCAD tools as well as a few TurboCAD tools that may not be so readily apparent to a new user. The user will learn how to create a cut away view. The user will also learn how to insert standard lighting, will learn how to utilize render scene luminance and establish a render scene environment. The reader will also learn how to render their model and save it in a high resolution image format.