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This is a rotary table that I designed with the intention of creating a new video tutorial series. It was fun to design and to produce the series. I hope that you find the design and render appealing. A bit of thanks goes to Henry Hubich for answering my forum question about 36:1 worm gears. That little bit of info gave me the confidence to move forward with this design.

Within the tutorial the reader will be lead through each keystroke to produce all the rotary table components, with the exception of a few standardized parts, that are downloaded from vendors. The reader will also learn how to insert standard lighting, will learn how to utilize render scene luminance and establish a render scene environment. The reader will learn how to render their drawing and save it in a high resolution image format. Additionally, the reader will be lead through all the steps required to create an exploded view of the rotary table and print it out in PDF format.

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