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After seeing a renewed interest in the creation of a soccer ball on the TurboCAD forum I decided to look up Winston Mitchell’s old V7 Soccer Ball Tutorial. With my own renewed interest I decided to create a video series using it as the basis. I hope that you enjoy it.

Winstons Soccer Ball DBC

Winston’s Soccer Ball Tutorial Part 1, Build 1

Winston’s Soccer Ball Tutorial Part 2 Build 2, Materials

Winston’s Soccer Ball Tutorial Part 3 Logo, Ground Plane

Winston’s Soccer Ball Tutorial Part 4 RSL, RSE, Saved Image


I put together a new tip about TurboCAD and 3D printing. My 3D printing is limited to the MakeBot Replicator 2X but perhaps there is still some info in the tip that may translate to other 3D printers.

TurboCAD Tip 33 Page 1 Image

Click image to go to the TurboCAD Tips page

There is a new YouTube video as well that readers are directed to if they are interested.

Just a simple lock I created for fun to do a render comparison with TurboCAD Pro (LightWorks) and Fusion 360. Shadow in the Fusion 360 render was added in Photoshop.


Pad Lock DBC_625

Fusion 360

Pad Lock F360 DBC_625