KeyShot Gallery
Modeled in TurboCAD (TC), SolidWorks (SW), Moment of Insproiration (MoI), Alibre Design (AD) or Fusion 360 (F360)

      Small Filters (TC)
Crayons (TC) Maped Compass (TC) Vernier Calipers (TC) Collected Works (TC)
Cash Register Close-up (TC) Cash Register (TC) GE Light Bulb Box (TC) Oil Cooler (TC)
Oil Cooler HL (TC) Fire Hydrant (TC) Lipstick (TC) Pallet (TC)
Ballroom (TC) Warehouse 1 (TC) Boardroom (TC) Dice (TC)
7-Drawer Highboy Chest (TC) Face Frame Dresser (TC) Modern Desl (TC) Kid's Table & Chairs (TC)
Machinist Chest (TC) Hope Chest (TC) Orchard Cabinetry Facility (TC) Digital Reader Aisle End Display (TC)
Liberty Series Night Stand (SW) HRI Tradeshow Booth (TC) Castor Clothing (TC) Credenza (TC)
Machine Vise (AD) Vertical Steam Engine (TC) Deluxe Garden Shed (TC) Aviation Bearing Cutaway (SW)
Swivel Ring Shackle (SW) Swivel Ring Shackle (SW) Drill Press Bracket (SW) Coke Crate  with Product (SW)
Coke Crate  with Product (SW) Coke Crates  with Empties (SW) Coke Bottle (SW) Coke Bottle Collage (SW)
Coke Bottle Drawing (SW) Window Cross-Section (TC) Extrusion Box (SW) Fuel Sediment Bowl Assy (SW)
Pipe Wrench (SW) Pipe Wrench (SW) Hobart Serial Tag (TC) Hobart Serial Tag (TC)
Hopper Car (HO Scale) (TC) Utility Cart  (SW) Extend-A-Scrub (SW) Extend-A-Scrub (SW)
Extend-A-Scrub (SW) Extend-A-Scrub (SW) Industrial Lamp (SW) Industrial Lamp (SW)
Industrial Lamp (SW) Industrial Lamp (SW) Bi-Plane (F360) Drive-in Speaker (SW)
Drive-in Speaker (SW) Drive-in Speaker (SW) Small Remote (SW) Small Remote (SW)
Barbie Suitcas (SW) Barbie Suitcas (SW) Filter Mount with Filter (TC) Filter Mount (TC)
Meccano Bulldozer (TC) Meccano Excavator (TC) Meccano Excavator Drawing (TC) Handle, Hollow Core (SW)
Handle, Hollow Core (SW) Handle, Hollow Core (SW) T3 Halogen Bulbs 78mm (SW) Portable Work Light (SW)
T.C. Soto Hand Steering Wheel (SW) T.C. Soto Hand Steering Wheel (SW) Timoteo Carreras Soto Insulator (SW) Cast Vice (TC)
Sheet Metal Exercise (TC) Scott Turner Treasure Chest (TC) Strong Lever (TC) Strong Lever (SW)
Propane Tank (SW) Sample Bracket (TC) Caboose HO Scale Model (TC) Reel Mower Poster (SW)
Reel Mower 5-Units (SW) Reel Mower Page 3 of 41 (SW) Reel Mower Full Unit (SW) Reel Mower Base Assy (SW)
Wagon Jack (SW) Japanese Tool Box Closed (SW) Japanese Tool Box Opened (SW) Vault-Door Box (SW)
Roll-Top Box (SW) Kings (TC) Playing Cards Cases (SW) 5-Door Refrigerated Case (TC)
NotchBox w Cabinet (SW) NotchBox (SW) NotchBox (MakerBot) NotchBox (MakerBot)
Bracket (TC) Gumball Machine (SW) Gas Cylinder Cutaway (TC) Adjustable Angle Plate (TC)
27-Cube Cube (TC) Red Bull Cans (TC) Gumball Machine (SW) Gumball Machines (SW)
Toy Motor Cycle (TC) Wheels TC Retro Fridge (TC) Rebar Cutter (TC)
Garage (TC) Toy Truck (TC) 12V Battery CPU Render (SW) 12V Battery GPU Render (SW)
Dice (TC) Shopping Cart (TC) TurboCAD Flyer (TC) Gold Bricks (TC)
Toy Military Truck (TC) Helical Gears (TC) Hand Crank Grinder (TC) Hand Crank Grinder (TC)
Hand Crank Grinder (TC) Battery Storage Boxes (TC) Screens (TC) Small Jar w/ Lid 2 (TC)
Small Jar w/ Lid 1 (TC) Dynamo (TC) Dynamo (TC) Solder Coil (TC)
Copper Tube Coil (TC) Sportster Toy Car (TC) Helicopter (TC) Gas Pump (TC)
Ceramic Ring Box (TC) Ceramic Ring Box (TC) Fishing Lure (TC) 3D Doodle (TC)
Stool w/ Maloof Joints (TC) Big Bertha (TC) Institution 2 (TC) Institution (TC)
Plastic Gear (TC) Faceted Bowl (TC) Mouse (MoI) Gear Pump (TC)
Traffic Cones (TC) Toolmaker's Vise (SW)  MP3 Player (TC) Skid Loader (TC)
Turbo-Winch (TC) Turbo-Winch (TC) Turbo-Winch (TC) Turbo-Winch (TC)
Turbo-Winch Cutaway (TC) Router (TC) Machinist Jack 3D Print (TC) Machinist Jack (TC)
Commercial Coffee Grinder (TC) TC Office Reception (TC) Drill Press Base (TC) Gate Valve (TC)
Coffee Pot (TC) I-Beam (TC) Chess (TC) Modular Cabinets (TC)
Teapot (TC) Tea Tin (TC) Tea Cabinet (TC) Tea Cabinet (TC)
Facility (TC) Iconic TV (TC) 3 Jaw Chuck Cutaway (TC) Beveled Gear (TC)
 Oil Filter (TC) Glass Pot with Lid (TC) Clay Pot with Lid (TC) Pop Dispenser Display (TC)
  Pinion (TC) KeyShot SciFi Ball UnExploded (SW) KeyShot SciFi Ball Exploded (SW) 3D Doodle 031720 (SW)
  Cutaway Doodle (TC)  Paint Cans (TC) Under Ore Docks (TC) The Old MIll Barn Int. Lower (TC)
The Old MIll Barn Int. Upper (TC) Spark Plugs (TC) Thinking Putty (TC) Compass (TC)
Table Lamp (TC) The Old MIll (TC) The Old MIll (TC) Snifters (TC)
Fish Cup (TC) Shot Glasses (TC) Pepsi Challenge Bowling (TC) Wood Fabric Box (TC)
Interlocking Mobius Rings (TC) Industrial Light Red (TC) Industrial Light Clear (TC) Flange (TC)
Cat Food Tin (TC) Paper Cup (TC) Ceramic Bowl (TC) Indy Car (TC)
 Raku Vase (TC) Fish Scale Bowl (TC) Faceted Bowl (TC) Tricycle (TC)
Baja Toy Car (TC) Gum Ball Machine (TC) ATV (TC) ATV (TC)
Cast Iron Pan (TC) Cookie Tins (TC) Distressed Horz Steam Engine (TC) Heat Treated Bolts
Chamfered Cylinders (AD)  Antique Cash Register (TC)  Heritage High Rise (TC)  Cube Tin (TC) 
Gears (TC)  Ice Block (TC)  Table Top Jukebox (TC)  Light Bulb (TC) 
Antique Gas Can (TC) Log Hauler Toy Truck (TC) Wooden Barrels (TC) Wooden Barrels (TC)
Tennis Balls (SW) Retro Vending Machine (TC) Tea Bowl (TC) Tea Bowl (TC)
Retro Vending Machine (TC) Retro Vending Machine (TC) Retro Vending Machine (TC) Retro Vending Machine (TC)
Diesel Locomotive (TC) Bottle Caps (TC) Wheel Rim (TC) Shed-Playhouse 2 (TC)
Shed-Playhouse (TC) RC Engine (SW) Nymph (3D Scan) Centrifugal Pump (TC)
Knotted Glass Tube (TC) Slat Crate (SW) YouTube Award (TC) YouTube Play Button (TC)
Wooden Blocks (TC) Bearing (TC) Diamond Ring (TC) Shipping Container (TC)
45 Gallon Drums (TC) Eggs (AD) Zippos (TC) Grommets (AD)
Potmeter (TC) Wave Bowl (TC) Pillar House (AD) Dark Stairwell (TC)
Tracked Transport (TC) Electrical Box (AD)  Torus Coil (MoI)  Torus Coil (SW)
Sheet Metal Cabinet (AD) Numbered Vacuum Tubes (AD, TC) Exec Jet (TC) Molded Chairs (TC)
Fridge (TC, AD) Fridge (TC) Rotational Stage (AD, TC) Bench Vise (TC)
Polished Stone Anvil (AD) Grooved Bottle (SW) Railcar Truck (AD) Mini Tap Wrench (AD)
Globe Valve (AD) Globe Valve (AD) Boring Head (AD) Water Bottle (AD)
PSI Gauges (AD) PSI Gauges (AD) Alibre Pop Tin (AD) Dual Filters (AD)
Coil Shock (AD) Machine Vise (AD) Finger Press Engine (AD) Tool Post (AD)

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